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Cloud-Hosted VOIP Phone Systems for Business

FoneLogix specializes in cloud-hosted VOIP phone systems tailor-made for your business. Our affordable and cutting-edge selection of VOIP Phones paired with our reliable, rock-solid cloud portal provides you and your business with powerful, user-friendly systems that are easy to install, configure and maintain. We have plans and pricing to fit nearly every business budget.

Many traditional VOIP phone systems require on-site hardware, firmware upgrades and technical maintenance. Our reliable cloud-based portal is always up, always on, and continuously up-to-date without having to worry about backups, power surges, and other business continuity problems.

And with our LogixCare™ customer support, we are always just a phone call or click away to ensure you have a personal partner in running your business communications investment seamlessly as you go. Discover the benefits of switching today!

Cloud-Hosted VOIP Phone Systems for Business


Our cloud-hosted phone system administration portal is always up, always on and continually updated. Because your voicemail, auto-attendant, and data are all offsite, you never have to worry about business continuity issues, emergencies or outages. Simply assign your phone or extensions to a desired smartphone in the event of power interruptions and you will never miss important calls. When the system returns, your phones will reconnect to the cloud automatically. Count on FoneLogix for VOIP Phone Systems for performance and reliability you can trust.


Any of our available enterprise-grade VOIP phones are designed specifically to work with the FoneLogix cloud-hosted platform. Mix and match any them to fit your growing business needs and only as you require them. We have IP phones to match every budget and scalability is a breeze. Simply order a new phone, plug it into your network, configure the extension and go! We provide detailed instructions on how to install it yourself, or you can call us for our signature LogixCare™ support. Either way, we are here to service your account with expert guidance.


On-site VOIP phone systems are costly to upgrade and maintain. They frequently need time-consuming maintenance requiring IT professionals to administer. With FoneLogix, you buy phones as you need them and at a price point that’s right for your business. Simply plug our phones into your existing high-speed internet service and access the our cloud-hosted portal for configuration. Ready to grow? Order phones cost-effectively as you go on an as-needed basis with plug-and-play ease! Finally, affordable enterprise-grade VOIP Phone Systems your staff can manage.

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Cloud-Hosted VOIP Phone Systems for Business