Finance & Banking Solutions

Conversational Banking using AI (Artificial Intelligence) will dramatically upend the traditional dynamics of the financial services system, and this is good news for customers. Banks today may have customers who aren’t willing to change banks because of the high costs associated and the effort involved with shifting mortgages. But the future will see these costs removed as AI developments, such as personal banking assistants, are able to identify the best deal for customers and move them without the current high dependency on humans. This will be the new battlefield for customer loyalty as past barriers to switching, like cost, speed and access are eroded. At the same time, consumers can expect tailored banking solutions, which will also shift the existing dynamics. As past methods of differentiation erode, AI presents an opportunity for institutions to escape a race to the bottom in price competition by introducing new ways to distinguish themselves to customers.

Fonelogix is bringing AI based conversational banking to financial institutions of all sizes providing a distinct competitive advantage at three critical levels: customer acquisition, satisfaction, and retention.

Today’s financial institutions are using unified communications to streamline operations and communicate with customers like never before. We’re helping financial organizations deliver stronger bottom lines, mobilize workforces, and give members or customers the experiences they crave and expect.

FoneLogix unified communications elevates how you do business by integrating all your voice, video, conferencing, contact centers, business apps, and even chat, and making it accessible on any device. We offer the convenience of bring your own broadband or a private network. For enhanced quality of service we provide MPLS and SD-WAN technologies, or hybrid solutions.

Control Total Cost of Ownership

Total cost of ownership (TCO) can be a factor for financial solution communications. When you migrate to the FoneLogix cloud, there’s no need for costly internal infrastructure like servers and storage systems.

Better Integration and Intelligence

FoneLogix has deep integration with everyday business tools like SalesForce and GSuite. Financial service solutions seamlessly work with your communications to keep your team productive and your customers or members impressed.

Smarter Contact Centers

Build a better experience for your bank customers, financial clients, or credit union members with a cloud call center or a powerful omnichannel contact center. Support them in the channel they prefer.