Receiving  text messages on your business phone number is not a trend, it’s a necessity. The ever-evolving customers want easier forms of communication and demand sending text messages to businesses. Is your business ready to answer the call?  Now it’s time to turn up the text messaging capabilities of your existing phone numbers and enable your customers to reach you via SMS. It’s easier than you think with SMSLogix®.  Our intelligent texting capabilities allow you to utilize your email to receive and respond to SMS messages or have SMSLogix automatically respond to the most common inquiries!


Facts :

  • Enable your clients to text your business.  If you are not offering it, then you’re sending your customers to your competition.
  • Most every phone number can be text enabled and it only takes a few business days to do so.
  • It’s very cost effective to add this important communication channel to your communications arsenal.
  • A lot of people had second thoughts about adopting a fax line, email address or website back in day; but, as you know, it’s impossible to run a business now without them. Texting is also becoming a necessity for any business.


  • Intelligent / Interactive Auto Response 

               The IIAR engine can be trained to automatically respond to simple text messages in real time based on time of the day, week or on special occasions.

  •  Receive and Send text messages in variety of ways 

               Text messages can be sent or received via your email, a secure web portal or cell phones.

  • Multi-user/agent environment 

               Allows multiple staff members to receive and respond to the text messages from the same business number.

  • Retain your existing customers and obtain new ones 

               Customers love easy communications and choose to do business with places that provide them.

  • Low Cost of Adoption 

               Its very cost effective to enable text messaging to your business number.

Text Message Notifications

With the unprecedented adoption of cell phones, text messaging is the most convenient and efficient method of communication to immediately reach almost everyone using messaging notification services. By uploading a simple list to our servers, you can send dynamic messages to targeted smartphones in a very short period of time.
Our subscribers utilize our reliable cloud messaging services for the following use cases:

Facts :

  • Appointment reminders
    Helps reduce cancelled appointments and no shows by sending a friendly reminder text message that will be received and noticed in real time.
  • Mass notifications
    Send alerts, event notifications, etc. to a large,  targeted audience in real time.
  • Polls and Surveys
    A very effective and rather trivial method to obtain feedback from your audience by sending a concise survey form and gather responses.
  • 2-Way messaging
    Obtain audience responses via SMS and communicate with individual respondents through our web portal messaging board.


  • Fast communications 

               SMS messages are being sent and received in real time, which makes it the most effective and quickest method of communication.

  • Vast adoption 

               Almost everyone has a cell phone, so reach out to them using SMS messaging.

  • Immediate outreach 

               SMS messages are noticed and read much faster than telephone calls and emails.

  • Integration to MS Outlook and other Calendars 

               With our platform integration to MS Outlook and other selected Calendar systems, automated reminder SMS messages can be sent to your contacts.

2-Step Verification with SMS

2-step verification helps protect you and your business by making your login process more secure. By adding a 2-Step Verification option to your login pages, users are required to enter two different forms of identity: a password, and a verification code communicated via SMS or Email message. Even if passwords are compromised, 2-Step Verification can help keep bad guys from accessing sensitive information without knowing the communicated verification code.  Join millions of others who have made their accounts stronger and more secure with a 2-Step Verification option.


  • Stronger security for your login pages 

               Verification code is a must to login to a page. Cracked passwords are no longer a big threat.

  • Comply with the trend 

               The 2-step verification is becoming a must have feature for website logins. Make your customers feel more secure by adopting this technology.

Click To Text Buttons

A click-to-text button or link on your website or email messages, makes it easy for mobile users to quickly reach you with a single click, while adding Text Intelligence to your existing tool set.

Surveys and Broadcasts

SMS/Phone Surveys:

Surveys provide an exciting new way to reach your audience and receive on-the-go pocket feedback.  SMS and Automated Phone Surveys are reliable, fast and easy to setup. Never worry about the technology, focus on your questionnaire and let SMSLogix take care of the rest.


Need to relay a message to a contact list? SMSLogix can broadcast your message to them either by SMS or automated phone calls and generate a detailed report of the results.
Voice broadcast also provides the option for the recipient to be transferred to your sales or customer service team with a simple “Press 1” feature.




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