Where do consumers engage in conversational banking?

Machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence, natural language processing are the latest buzzwords, but how is any of it relevant to financial institutions? Social platforms like Facebook and new smart speakers like the Alexa devices are creating new engagement channels. Each channel comes with unique modalities:


Google Home

The Google Actions platform powers a new wave of IoT (Internet of Things) devices ranging from watches to speakers.


Amazon Alexa

The Amazon Alexa devices are one of the hottest selling items. These devices come in many sizes and also have IoT capabilities.


Facebook Messenger

The most popular social platform, Facebook, created one of the most popular messaging channels, Messenger.


Text Messaging

While not a social platform, SMS or Text Messaging is the worlds most popular and standard form of communication.


Smart IVR

Phone trees, or IVRs, have been routing callers for decades to the right person. Smart IVRs turn traditional phones into smart speakers.


Web & Mobile

Conversational interfaces are not limited to social platforms and hardware. Siri style assistants can be embeded directly into mobile and web banking.

Opportunities of Artificial Intelligence

What are the unique benefits of AI-powered virtual banking assistants?

The benefits of allowing your financial institution’s brand to become a persona are vast. Engaging and supporting proactively in the same channels your consumers use to communicate with friends and family create strong relationships.

Fonelogix is bringing A.I.-based conversational banking to financial institutions of all sizes
providing a distinct competitive advantage at three critical levels:
Customer Acquisition.
Customer Satisfaction.
Customer Retention.

Artificial Intelligence

Scale personal banking to all of your customers efficiently through artificial intelligence.


Aggregator Integrated

Your customers’ financial lives are fragmented. Consolidate all of their accounts into one conveniently accessible location.

Advanced Analytics

Utilize transaction and account level data to proactively engage on future events and observations.


Financial Wellness

Proactively help your customers make smarter financial decisions so they can grow with your bank.


Rapid Deployment

Deploy virtual assistants in all popular channels without the long development cycles of apps and websites.


Any Channel Integration

Don’t choose which channel to deploy virtual assistants in. Deploy in every channel all at once.

Support your omnichannel strategy with the incredible reach of
voice and message adoption.


30+ Million Amazon Alexa Sold

Voice activated devices give your bank the opportunity to deliver hands free convenient banking experiences.


1.3 Billion FB Messenger Users

Messaging is the #1 form of communication. Give you’re bank the ability to communicate in familiar channels.

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