Smart Receptionist

Say hello to the FoneLogix's Smart Receptionist—conversational AI that empowers small business success.

FoneLogix proudly presents the Smart Receptionist, AI-powered customer call and appointment handling. With the Smart Receptionist by your side, you’ll never miss another call.


The Smart Receptionist can automatically answer and route your incoming calls, schedule (and reschedule!) your appointments, and put a stop to those annoying spam calls.


Key Benefits:


  • Conversational language so your callers can speak naturally—and be understood
  • Available 24/7/365 so customers can call at their convenience
  • Customize your greeting and appointment options for your business
  • Schedule, reschedule, and cancel appointments, automatically, so you can focus on running your business
  • Eliminate time-wasting spam calls
  • No wait or hold time as every customer call is answered promptly


Setting up the Smart Receptionist is quick and easy. You can set it up and go live in as little as 10 minutes. No technical skills required. It works seamlessly with your existing phone number.


With the Smart Receptionist, you’ll never miss another call.


AI virtual assistants equipped with Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities have the ability to effectively handle multiple languages. These intelligent tools can interpret various languages, understand incoming queries, and accurately respond in the respective languages. Unlike chatbots that primarily rely on rules-based systems with limited language processing capabilities, AI virtual assistants are more advanced and versatile in interacting with users in different languages. Therefore, AI virtual assistants are well-suited to efficiently manage customer interactions in diverse linguistic environments.

Virtual assistants and chatbots share similarities but also have distinct differences. Chatbots are typically rule-based systems with limited natural language processing and artificial intelligence capabilities, primarily used to automate routine tasks such as responding to common customer inquiries. On the other hand, intelligent virtual assistants are advanced and equipped to manage a wide range of customer interactions. The key disparity lies in the sophistication level and scope of functions that virtual assistants offer compared to chatbots.

AI Virtual Assistants can be utilized in a variety of scenarios to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction. These uses include assisting customers in connecting with experts based on their needs, managing outbound phone campaigns such as surveys and lead qualification, ensuring business continuity during emergencies by handling high call volumes, serving as a concierge or receptionist to swiftly respond to inquiries and reduce call queues, and effectively routing calls through voice-driven IVRs. By leveraging these capabilities, AI Virtual Assistants can enhance the quality of customer interactions and streamline operations in various settings.

The AI Virtual Assistant from Vonage offers numerous benefits for companies utilizing this technology. These benefits include reducing hold times for customers by providing quick, real-time assistance, delivering fast and personalized answers to simple customer inquiries, ensuring confidentiality with automated transcription processes, offering self-service interactions in natural language, enabling easy deployment of new scripts and real-time modifications, improving customer engagement by capturing insights from verbal cues, optimizing customer experience through efficient responses based on context and speech, generating highly personalized messages at scale.

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Smart Assistant by FoneLogix

The Smart Receptionist empowers your small business to deliver top-notch customer experiences. Say hello to 24/7 availability and bid farewell to missed calls. Embrace the future of inbound calling with the Smart Receptionist. Schedule a demo and ask about a FREE trial available exclusively for SMBs.