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Banking online

Conversational Engagement is Required for Digital Banking Success

Conversational banking is a development of chatbots, which were originally used to answer the most basic of questions. As data availability, analytic capability, and digital technology advance, a more personalized and scalable form of digital engagement will emerge. The goal is to improve the overall customer experience, increase engagement, provide insights into areas where consumers require additional advice or assistance, and generate sales and revenues by providing timely solutions.

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Smith, Tumlin, McCurley & Patrick, P. C.

Client Spotlight: Smith, Tumlin, McCurley & Patrick, P. C.

Smith, Tumlin, McCurley & Patrick, P. C. is a local, Marietta-based law practice that primarily specializes in commercial and residential real estate transactions, estate planning, and business law. The practice has been a staple to their local community residents since the late 1970s.

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