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What Will Jump-Start Voice Banking? Conversational banking has arrived!

The future of banking is about engaging with consumers in the digital ways they expect. Voice-activated banking will be a big part of that, as consumers use voice assistants at home, at work, in cars and on mobile devices. But don’t focus too narrowly on one or two use-cases, because conversational engagement has far-reaching potential.

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Conversational Banking: The New Way To Bank

Today, conversational banking has simplified banking to an extent where you don’t even have to visit a bank. Major banks have adopted conversational banking products to simplify banking processes, which will soon be the norm in the banking industry.

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Conversational Banking Will Transform the Financial Services Industry

“Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and the surging popularity of messaging apps, conversational interfaces are enabling unprecedented banking engagement and re-establishing relationship banking. Chatbots are a simple, lightweight solution to a host of legacy banking problems, giving progressive banks and credit unions a competitive industry edge.”

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