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Preparing for your Office Move

This article shares important steps that are critical for your move to take place on the planned move date. Pay close attention to the following 7 tips to ensure you are fully prepared for that day.

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We have an important announcement to share with you!

We are expanding our Marketing Team and are honored to introduce you to our newest FoneLogix team member, Madison Ridley. She will hold the role of Director, Marketing & Communications and will be responsible for developing, overseeing, and executing our Marketing Strategy.

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Client Spotlight: Team Up Mentoring

FoneLogix has allowed Team Up to professionalize their operations since the growth and success in the past 5 years. With routed phone lines that reach the appropriate parties and reducing the amount of calls to individual cell phones, Team Up can utilize multiple FoneLogix services. The cloud-based solutions have also been able to bypass infrastructure limitations (like concrete walls in rural areas) to ensure less disruption of services.

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Client Spotlight: Restore Health Group

With the various locations of facilities and offices, FoneLogix offers Restore effective and reliable communication between programs and corporate offices. Since FoneLogix is local, they are able to support with technical or any other issues with a quick response without leaving extended service interruption.

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Client Spotlight: Boxwoods Gardens

FoneLogix has been able to provide hybrid, cost-effective solutions for the two Boxwoods Gardens shops. With the VOIP cloud and wireless products, Boxwoods can now place phones in their outdoor garden areas and in each area of their business to keep them running efficiently.

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Client Spotlight: Fitness Depot

Fitness Depot has 3 locations – one super store in Marietta and 2 show rooms in Buckhead and Alpharetta. FoneLogix was able to route all 3 stores to the same cloud-based system. Therefore, if a line goes down at one store, it will automatically route to one of the other locations. Or, if a representative is busy with a customer on the floor and the phone rings without answer, it will route to another location, so the caller is not left without being helped.

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