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Client Spotlight: Rich Hart Global, Inc.

FoneLogix brought a viable solution to the table that supplied the proper amount of fiber to support the technology needs we had and moved within a very quick time frame. FoneLogix was also able to install the wiring and connect the phone systems in the podcasting studio, allowing for incoming and outgoing calls during live shows.

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Client Spotlight: Atlantic Home Mortgage

FoneLogix after switching from their other provider, the response was simple: “We wanted a human we could talk to, a company who understands what it means to be a small business and can relate to our technology goals; and that’s exactly what we get with FoneLogix.” 

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Digital Banking Success Requires Conversational Engagement

Conversational banking is an extension of the chatbots that were originally used to respond to the most basic of inquiries. As data availability, analytic capability and digital technology improve, a more enhanced form of digital engagement will become both personalized and scalable. The objective is to improve the overall customer experience, increase engagement, provide insights into areas where consumers need more advice or assistance, and generate sales and revenues by delivering timely solutions.

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What Will Jump-Start Voice Banking? Conversational banking has arrived!

The future of banking is about engaging with consumers in the digital ways they expect. Voice-activated banking will be a big part of that, as consumers use voice assistants at home, at work, in cars and on mobile devices. But don’t focus too narrowly on one or two use-cases, because conversational engagement has far-reaching potential.

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