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Conversational Banking Will Transform the Financial Services Industry

“Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and the surging popularity of messaging apps, conversational interfaces are enabling unprecedented banking engagement and re-establishing relationship banking. Chatbots are a simple, lightweight solution to a host of legacy banking problems, giving progressive banks and credit unions a competitive industry edge.”

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FoneLogix eBook - Top 4 Reasons All Businesses Should Consider Cloud Communications

Top 4 Reasons Why All Businesses Should Consider Cloud Communications

Experience business without borders while minimizing hardware, risk, cost and maintenance hassles by moving to your phone systems to the cloud. The FoneLogix™ Cloud-hosted PBX framework is simple, smart and scalable on demand, regardless of location. Teleworkers, multi-office locations, and a growing mobile workforce are among the top reasons people choose FoneLogix every day. Our enterprise cloud-hosted PBX Portal is easy to configure, manage and deploy. Add and configure phones with ease as you grow and let our expert team support you with our dedicated LogixCare™ support.”

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Hosted PBX vs. Legacy Phone Systems

Traditional Legacy systems cost more up front, and over time because users are reliant on their current phone system hardware. But, with hosted PBX and VoIP, you get a future-proofed phone system that continuously updates to provide an unmatched user experience.

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VOIP Phone Systems Architectural & Engineering Firms

Why Cloud-hosted VoIP is perfect for growing companies and startups

If your growing company or startup operates in several geographic locations – or if your business has a virtual headquarters with remote employees, for example, that travel extensively – then using a cloud-hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is the perfect choice for consolidating your team’s phone extensions under one system.

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The Top 5 Reasons for Running Your Business Phones on Cloud-Hosted VoIP

Every competitive business in today’s marketplace needs a reliable and professional phone system to conduct critical daily communications with customers and prospects. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has become the popular, cost-effective alternative to traditional phone service customarily purchased through the phone company at more expensive rates – especially as it relates to long distance charges.

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