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When to Upgrade Your Company’s Phone System

Text messaging should be used by business marketers to engage their consumers, or to allow their customers to engage the organization. The phones used by your sales and support staff should be able to both, receive SMS and allow your customers to communicate with your sales and support teams via SMS.

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Why is WebRTC a Critical Component of VoIP and UCC?

WebRTC, which stands for “Web Real-Time Communications,” is a 2011 technology composed of a set of Javascript APIs, or functions and commands derived from existing code in web browsers. Its goal is to gather data from users and then transfer that info directly to another party.

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Obria Medical Center

Client Spotlight: Obria Medical Clinic

Obria’s new phone system from FoneLogix, allows for a dedicated phone tree for patients when they call their main line. This ensures the caller gets to the right person or department without any errors. Also, Obria staff members now have the ability to customize their own voicemail messages. The answering services can now also be transferred to the staff’s cell phones when not in the office, providing the perfect remote solution especially needed in today’s evolving environment.

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Moving to Your New Office

In any move, it is rare that everything goes perfectly to plan. Be sure you’ve prepared any contingency plans for any foreseen issues and remember to go with the flow!

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Planning Your Move

Congratulations! You have passed the hardest part in the office relocation process: making the decision move. In this article, we will discuss several steps to make your move simple.

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