FoneLogix Solutions Overview

Our cloud-based communications products allow each business to customize a solution to fit their needs. With our next-gen Unified Communications approach, it allows you to run your business from any device, anywhere at any time.


We know you don’t have time to wrestle with technology; that’s why our solution is simple. With a cloud solution, it’s always up and running, even when you are not, so you never have to worry about downtime or faulty phone servers. 


Being smart, means knowing how to focus on what’s important in your business. Employing our cloud technology and easy-to-use hardware is the smartest decision you can make. Start driving your business instead of fixing it.


Growing organizations frequently grapple with traditional phone systems that become obsolete when they grow. Our solutions grow with you and at your pace. With cloud technology, you can add or drop lines at any time.

FoneLogix Solutions Overview

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Why Should You Choose FoneLogix for Your Business Communications Needs?

Our cloud-based communications solutions are designed for your success through a Smart, Simple and Scalable approach. We are committed to providing a ‘plug-and-play’ user-friendly solution that requires minimal support. FoneLogix provides VoIP Phone Systems with simple accessibility via any modern web browser or mobile device.

Our smart, feature-rich cloud platform helps to simplify your company’s external communications, streamline your business processes and facilitate business expansion. Our LogixCare™ customer support provides on-site, local support, along with an experienced team of engineers that strives to help you compete, win and grow.

Benefits of Using FoneLogix

Why Should You Switch to FoneLogix?

Customize Your Solution

Build Your Plan

In today’s mobile business, growing organizations need the freedom and flexibility to scale their cloud-communications solutions across multiple geographic locations quickly and cost-effectively. Whether it be a main office, branch office or remote location, you can add our phones to any high-speed internet connection with a plug-and-play ease.

VoIP Phone Systems

All of our suite of products are centered around our cloud-based phone systems.It is important to find the best system that works for you, which is why we offer a variety of phones to choose from.

AT&T Fiber Internet

That's right. Since we know how important your internet service is to creating your perfect cloud-based solution, you can purchase AT&T Fiber through us, and never have to deal with a provider directly.

Business Text Messaging

Our newest and most innovative product we offer is Business Text Messaging. This allows your company to communicate with your customers through SMS using your business phone number.

Failover Device

Our Internet Failover Device is essentially 'insurance' for your cloud-based solution. The device will protect your business by offering an automatic backup when your internet service is disrupted.

Think outside the box and reach for the cloud.

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