Who is Fitness Depot?

Imagine yourself in a gigantic warehouse with the finest fitness equipment, surrounded by steel, leather and family. Fitness Depot is a local family-owned and operated business in the Atlanta area. Since 1982 (that’s 38 years!), they have been servicing the greater Southeast region with club-level products and services.

What specific types of products do you offer and what services do you provide your customers?

When speaking to Bobby Saenger, CEO Fitness Depot, he shared that their “bread and butter” products are functional/free form equipment and treadmills. While those are their most popular items, they can fill full-sized gyms with any product imaginable, from free weights to rowing machines to stair climbers and ellipticals.


They provide their customers with product maintenance options, delivery, installation, move coordination and manufacturer warranty support. They also provide custom fitness room design. So, if you’re in the market to add a gym to your home or office, they will custom design the space with their exclusive equipment and expertise. But the greatest service they offer, is personalized customer service.

Who are you proud to serve?

For the past 38 years, they have served many individuals and organizations in the Atlanta area. Proudly, they have supplied the Cobb County Police and Fire station with all equipment and more recently they designed and supplied the fitness center for Comcast’s Regional Headquarters at the Battery Atlanta near the Braves Stadium. 


Not only do they supply commercial and home gyms, they also supply equipment for movie productions and even movie stars themselves. One time, Arnold Schwarzenegger was staying in a nearby hotel and didn’t like the gym equipment the hotel provided, so he purchased himself brand new equipment (from Fitness Depot, of course) and let the hotel keep the equipment when he left.

Bobby also told us that many times customers have entered the store to buy a piece of equipment for their son, just like their father did for them when they were a child. As a family business, they support many other loyal families who return generations later.

How does FoneLogix support your business?

Fitness Depot has 3 locations – one super store in Marietta and 2 show rooms in Buckhead and Alpharetta. FoneLogix was able to route all 3 stores to the same cloud-based system. Therefore, if a line goes down at one store, it will automatically route to one of the other locations. Or, if a representative is busy with a customer on the floor and the phone rings without answer, it will route to another location, so the caller is not left without being helped.

“What we love most about FoneLogix, is their customer service. We never have any downtime and if we do have a hiccup, they are always there to help immediately. They are very easy to contact and we never have to worry.”

– Bobby Saenger, CEO

How has COVID-19 impacted your business?

Historically, Fitness Depot’s main source of business has been on the retail side and since the pandemic, individuals were flocking (literally) outside their doors to purchase exercise equipment. Bobby mentioned the most popular item were dumbbells for individual buyers.


The biggest impact has come from the supply chain of their products. The steel used to make the equipment comes from China. With the reduction of Chinese steel, there has been an impact on US distribution, limiting the product availability.