Who is Restore Health Group?

Since 1991, Restore Health Group has specialized in neurobehavioral treatment and supported living services for adults who demonstrate maladaptive behavior as a result of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). The staff at Restore has over 100 years of cumulative professional experience in TBI rehabilitation. Their employees represent more than 30 nationalities, promoting inclusion and diversity.

Where is Restore located?

Restore Neurobehavioral Center
Roswell, GA

Restore Health Group (also referred to as “Restore”) has multiple locations in Georgia and Alabama. Restore Neurobehavioral Center (NBC) is located in Roswell, Georgia. Clients receive individualized treatment planning from a multidisciplinary team including physiatry, neuropsychology, clinical pharmacology, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, nursing, behavior coordination, neurobehavioral counselors and case management.  The treatment environment is secure and incorporates the utilization of both in-clinic and community environments to maximize clinical outcomes and promote successful transition back into the client’s home community. Restore NBC offers day treatment and outpatient services upon completion of the residential rehabilitation program. Onsite bilingual professional and paraprofessional staff members are available at both the rehabilitation and supported living programs to support client communication.

Restore NBC along with Restore-Lilburn in Lilburn, Georgia and Restore-Ragland in Ragland, Alabama provide supported living services for clients who benefit from continued assistance following the completion of their rehabilitation program.   Clients in supported living participate in approximately 30 hours per week of client centered volunteer programs and community-based activities. These programs provide behavioral support, social skills training and 24 hour supervision by staff specially trained in the care and support of persons with brain injury. This program allows clients to live as independently as possible in a safe, healthy environment.

How does FoneLogix support Restore Health Group?

With the various locations of facilities and offices, FoneLogix offers Restore effective and reliable communication between programs and corporate offices. Since FoneLogix is local, they are able to support with technical or any other issues with a quick response without leaving extended service interruption.

How does Restore support local communities?

Restore staff organize and participate in annual community events to promote TBI awareness including the Change Your Mind Community Forum, Bowling for Brain Injury, Stroll & Roll 5K and Brain Matters Professional Seminar. Proceeds from the 5K are donated to the Brain Injury Association of Georgia.  

How has COVID-19 impacted Restore?

Restore has maintained a proactive stance during the recent threat of Covid 19 to reduce the risk of infection for clients and staff. During this stressful time, the staff has exemplified Restore’s “Three P’s”: Patience, Persistence and Positiveness. Their dedication to client care under unprecedented circumstances endured the needs of clients and family members were met at all times, providing creative solutions to novel problems. To date, no positive cases of Covid 19 have been identified in clients at any Restore Health Group facility.