Preparing for your Office Move

Step 3 of the 4 Steps to Successfully Relocate your Office


STEP 3: Preparing for your Office Move

3-6 months prior to move date



This is the most important phase where most of the work that will contribute to the success of your move will take place. These steps are critical for your move to take place on the planned move date.



Pay close attention to the following 7 tips to ensure you are fully prepared for your desired move date.




Research moving vendors

Create list of vendors that you may need, like:

  • Moving Coordinator/Moving company: Depending on the size of your move, you may want to consider hiring a professional Coordinator to help you stay organized and keep your timeline on track. Many times, Coordinators will also have preferred vendor pricing with partners that will help you get the biggest bang for your buck!
  • Technology Support: What type of technology does your business have? How will it need to be transported, and when? Make a list of all types of technology and then determine who/what type of vendor will need to be contacted.
    • For example, For example, Network Management, Cable/Internet, Phone Systems, Hardware devices, Servers, etc. 
    • FoneLogix is an expert at managing equipment, and can be a resource for all your technology needs during your relocation.

  • Supplies: What type of supplies will you need for your move? Make a list, or rely on your Move Coordinator to help you determine what you need and when you will need to obtain the items for the most efficient and smooth process.

Book and secure movers and moving crew

Some questions to consider when booking your movers

  • Ask if they do a pre move assessment to help you determine your needs 
  • Determine number of trucks needed and loading/unloading locations 
  • Ask if the company provides packing services, supplies, pre- and post-coordination 
  • What is the reschedule or cancellation policies?

FoneLogix Pro Tip: The team at FoneLogix is fully experienced in managing technology during an office relocation. By using FoneLogix services, they will support your technology needs and guide you in the right direction for a smooth and seamless move.

Hire professional packing assistance and begin collecting moving materials

Depending on the size of your relocation and the timing, it may be in your best interest to hire a professional packing company

  • Make sure you consider all types of specialties – technology, documentation, FF&E, hardware, employee belongings, etc.

Hire office cleaning crew if needed post-move

Determine with your current landlord what will need to happen once you vacate your office. You may or may not be responsible for cleaning the space upon your departure.



Right Size your Move

Begin to assess what Facilities details you currently have and what you will need to transfer with you

  • Network Systems, Phone Systems, Internet and Cable services
  • If any furniture or tangible items are not relocating with you, be sure to make a plan for these items (donation, leave for next tenant, recycle, etc)
  • Plan new seating arrangement (Review the Design Step in Step 1: Assessing Your Current Office Situation)
  • FoneLogix Pro Tip: The team at FoneLogix is fully experienced in managing technology during an office relocation. By using FoneLogix services, they will support your technology needs and guide you in the right direction for a smooth and seamless move.

Host regular committee meetings​

  • Communication during your move is critical for it to go smoothly. Determine a schedule for your committee meetings, (weekly, bi weekly, etc).
  • Remember, there are always unforeseen circumstances during a move, but by keeping your committee focused, informed and on track, you will be able to mitigate any situations calmly and effectively.
  • This is also where a Relocation Coordinator can step in to take responsibility and control of any situations that may cause a bump in the road.


Continue communication with employees​


  • During each committee meeting, ensure your Communication Specialist is responsible for taking notes.
  • Determine a communication plan for employees to receive updated and pertinent information from the Leader.
  • Create a plan for communications for regularly scheduled notifies as well as a contingency plan should you need to use it
  • Download our communications plan template

Think outside the box and reach for the cloud.

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