Fonelogix Managed Services improve management and efficiency, increase oversight, reduce costs and delight users. An organization’s ability to innovate and compete depends on the effective leveraging of network infrastructure technologies. Our managed services solutions help clients drive value by aligning their infrastructure with business strategy through network technology updates or strategic outsourcing, all while minimizing costs.

Expense Management

Consolidate, optimize and manage telecom expenses.

Do you feel like you’re paying too much for telecom services? Engage Fonelogix to get a thorough audit of all telecom related expenses to uncover potential savings. We will evaluate your current spending on services like Voice, Data, MRCs, Usage, Taxes, Surcharges, Fees, Conferencing, Equipment, WAN, POTS, PRIs and Mobility. Our goal is to help you optimize and control your IT and telecommunications expenditures and inventory.


  • Monthly Invoice Auditing
  • Proactive Billing Disputes and Resolution
  • Bill Aggregation
  • Inventory Creation and Maintenance
  • Procurement and Sourcing
  • Order Processing and Supervision
  • Contract Management
  • Custom AP Integration Reporting
  • Consultation and Strategy

Key Benefits

  • With Fonelogix Expense Management, you get help from professionals, not just software
  • Consolidate, control, and reduce your costs for telecommunication expenses
  • Write one check instead of managing multiple bills, locations or cost centers
  • Fonelogix will resolve cost variances, issues or disputes on your behalf
  • Leverage our robust supplier portfolio and expertise for support, contract negotiations and more
  • Shared Savings Payment Model – the savings typically cover the cost of our services

Managed Mobility

Support designed to create happy users.

The foundation of user satisfaction is responsive, professional and effective support when and how your users need it. This is a major goal of our mobility managed services. We put a lot of focus on not only ensuring our US-based support team has expertise, but also that they provide users with a pleasant experience.

Expense management that keeps costs low.

Cost control is baked into our mobility management services. It starts with an initial assessment through which we typically produce enough savings to more than pay for ourselves. It continues with monthly analysis to ensure that services and plans are always optimally configured for the lowest cost and that device assets are closely tracked.

It’s just another example of how our mobility management services are focused on driving tangible value for our clients.

Governance aligned with your information security (infosec) objectives.

If your mobile environment doesn’t keep you up at night, maybe it should. Mobile phones can be an infosec and liability nightmare. Not only do you have to worry about sensitive data on your users’ mobile devices, you have to worry about what your users are doing with those devices on their personal time. Scary, right?

We’ve got your back, though. Part of our service is ensuring devices are protected and compliant, and that policies and procedures exist to minimize liability.

Managed Telecom

A proven methodology to maximize results.

Reliable Telecom and IT Services are part of the most important aspects of your business operations. These services enable you to conduct business and communicate with your customers, employees and locations. Our goal is to ensure your communications infrastructure is optimized by proactively monitoring and maintaining your infrastructure and connectivity. Telecom Managed Services from Fonelogix manage and re-mediate all telecom issues on your behalf. Rely on Fonelogix to control costs and compile an accurate inventory of services, identify billing errors, streamline account management and tool access to maximize your ROI.


  • Troubleshooting and Repair of Network Issues
  • MACD Order Management & Support (Moves, Adds, Changes, Disconnects)
  • Inventory Development and Management
  • Ongoing Expense Management
  • Acquisitions Onboarding
  • Service Migrations
  • Contract Auditing

Key Benefits

  • Improve operational efficiencies and productivity
  • Optimize your IT/Telecom costs and services
  • Centralize technical support and streamline account management
  • Reduce downtime and decrease time spent on resolving issues with multiple providers

Managed Firewall

Protect your data and privacy.

Fonelogix learns about your Business and its security and compliance needs, regardless of industry. We create custom IT Solutions to secure your network, then manage and maintain your solution. We offer personalized service with dedicated account experts.  How much can you afford to lose?

Ask yourself:

  • Do you have a firewall? How old is it?
  • Do you have VoIP traffic passing through it?
  • Who monitors it?
  • Do you test that your firewall policies ensure effectiveness?
  • How are you protecting against new threats from the Internet?
  • Do you implement vulnerability and system patches?
  • Do you ensure regulatory requirements compliance?
  • How will a security breach impact your company?

Key Benefits:

  • Peace of Mind – Minimize risk and protect your business.
  • Save Money – Lower operational costs and upfront capital expense.
  • Make Your Life Easier – Comply with government and industry regulations.
  • Save Time – Shift the burden of security management.
  • Security Expertise – The latest knowledge in security.
  • Proactive Management – Proactively deploy latest security patches.
  • Next-Gen Security – Advanced features add the required protection.

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