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Why is WebRTC a Critical Component of VoIP and UCC?

WebRTC, which stands for "Web Real-Time Communications," is a 2011 technology composed of a set of Javascript APIs, or functions and commands derived from existing code in web browsers. Its goal is to gather data from users and then transfer that info directly to another party.

Austen Read-McFarland recently wrote on the Wildix Blog:

The effectiveness of any unified communications and collaboration solution depends on the working parts inside it. As your organization’s main data channel to customers and colleagues, your VoIP system must have smart technological components to function safely and efficiently.


But, how do you determine something so important, especially if you don’t have much detailed technical knowledge? One of the easiest ways is to check if the solution uses WebRTC, a highly effective component for VoIP technology.


For the biggest reasons why, this post will take you on a deep dive into WebRTC and how it works.

In this article, Austen discusses:

  • What is WebRTC?
  • WebRTC for Browser Applications
  • WebRTC and security
  • … and more

Read the full article: 

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