What is Business Text Messaging?

Business text messaging is a type of short message service (SMS) that enables two-way communication between businesses and their clients, partners and prospects using a phone system like SMSLogix. Business text messaging functions allow clients, partners and prospects to quickly contact or react to a business using their mobile devices.

What Is the Process of Business Text Messaging?

  1. For inbound usage:
    Users can send a message to a short numeric code (i.e. 12345) or the company’s direct phone number for inbound conversations. The business phone system collects all incoming conversations in order to track answers and update communication records.
  2. For outbound usage:
    Using a business phone system, companies can send text messages to any client who has given approval to receive text messages. Once a consumer has given permission, the business can text updates, inquiries, or reminders to the customer via the communications site.

The Advantages of Business Text Messaging

  1. Business text messaging provides companies with an additional line of communication to connect with current clients and partners, as well as future prospects.
  2. For current customers and partners, texting can provide assistance or various levels of support.
  3. Using a business phone system to reduce troubleshooting problems can also vastly improve the overall customer experience.
  4. Texting may also save businesses money by avoiding the annoying “phone tag game” while reducing the number of unanswered calls.
  5. On a practical level, texting can be a very effective way to send out time-sensitive alerts to customers when needed.

Ideas for using Business Text Messaging

Business text messaging is both an effective and efficient approach to communicate with large groups of clients at the same time. For example:
  1. When consumers send a keyword or code to a given shortcode, they may be instantly added to a communications list with appropriate tags to help the prospect be identified.
  2. Businesses can include an inbound shortcode in marketing and promotional materials to entice prospects to contact them for more information.
  3. Texts from a business phone systems can alert clients and prospects of a local sale or event.
  4. Business text messaging can help with recruiting job prospect and helping schedule/remind about interviews.

Are you ready to use Business Text Messaging?

Receiving text messages on your business phone line is no longer a fad; it’s a must. Customers desire more convenient ways to communicate and expect firms to send text messages to them. Is your company prepared to answer the call?
It’s now time to activate the text messaging capabilities of your current phone lines and make it possible for your customers to contact you via SMS. It’s simpler than you think, and with our intelligent texting features, you can utilize your email to receive and answer to SMS messages, or have SMSLogix, our business phone system, respond to the most popular enquiries automatically!