Client Spotlight: Atlantic Home Mortgage

Atlantic Home Mortgage (AHM) is the epitome of innovative entrepreneurship. When you hear ‘Atlantic Home Mortgage’, you may think ‘Okay, another mortgage company’… But that is far from the truth with AHM. What you may not realize is that AHM was created with the vision of creating a more efficient way for home buyers to obtain a loan; and the vehicle to reach their vision is technology.


Atlantic Home Mortgage is led by two entrepreneurs, Tony Davis and Naveed Bhurgri, who merged their visions and passions together in 2019 with a focus on education and technology. When Tony and Naveed realized that there was no existing technology that fully supports their vision, it didn’t stop them. Instead, they are now developing their own software that will make the mortgage application and home buying process as stress free as possible for customers. One strategic approach their software will support is completing the underwriting process at the beginning of the home buying process. By using technology to do this, it reduces human error that commonly causes and misread of application information that could directly impact the client’s ability to qualify for a loan, or not.

So, why FoneLogix?

When asked why they chose FoneLogix after switching from their other provider, the response was simple: “We wanted a human we could talk to, a company who understands what it means to be a small business and can relate to our technology goals; and that’s exactly what we get with FoneLogix.” 

What can AHM do for you?

Imagine you are selling your home, and at the same time searching for your next home purchase. The home you are selling is under contract, so now it’s time to find a home (and for greatest convenience, line up closing dates). With many moving parts like packing, scheduling movers, finding storage units, work, and scheduling time to find your next home, the process can be stressful. But finally, you find that perfect home – and your offer was accepted! Closing is set for 3 weeks away and due diligence is underway – the light at the end of the tunnel is visible! A few days later, you get a call from your mortgage broker who has been working with you throughout the process, and she states, “I’m sorry to inform you, but I mis-read your application, and it turns out you are no longer approved for the loan.” A million thoughts are running through your mind. How can this be??


With the one-of-a-kind technology that AHM is developing, the underwriting will take place FIRST, rather than after an offer is presented. Human error is now minimized through the online application process, and now the human support is elevated during your home buying process. Much less stressful, right?


To reiterate the passion of Tony and Naveed, they developed this philosophy: To provide an informative and educational approach to the home buying process and to leave you feeling great about our time partnership. We hope you find it helpful and look forward to working with you!