Planning Your Office Move

Step 2 of 4 Steps to Successfully Relocate Your Office


Step 2: Planning Your Office Relocation

6-12 months prior to move date




Congratulations! You have passed the hardest part in the office relocation process: making the decision move. Be sure to look back at Step 1 to review the 5 critical factors before deciding to relocate your office. As a recap, the factors we walked through are: Location, Budget, Office Design, Communication and Planning.



These 5 steps will help you decide why you want to relocate and begin making a strategy that will lead to a smooth and seamless transition.




In this Step 2, Planning Your Office Relocation, we will discuss several steps to make your move simple. These steps should be completed 6-12 months before your move date.


  • FoneLogix Pro Tip: Ensure you have checked all of your vendor contracts and agreements before you announce your move.

Select an Office Move Committee

  • Select one place to house moving notes, documents and to-do items and select a Coordinator or Committee to oversee process (include step 9)
  • FoneLogix Pro Tip: Be sure to have a designated Technology Committee Member that understands all of your technological needs. If you don’t have anyone in your office, our FoneLogix Team is fully capable and equipped to manage many of your technology needs, such as, Phone Systems, Network Management, Internet Provider and more. 

Gather and organize key documents and details

  • Be sure you have all of your key documents organized in one location
  • These documents should include, but are not limited to, service provider contracts and agreements, building and/or lease agreements
  • Vendor quotes and proposals
  • Employee information along with seating charts
  • Technology information for systems and equipment

Implement Communications Plan (this was discussed in Step 1: Assessing Your Current Office Situation):

  • Create a designated email address for move-related correspondence and communications with internal and external partners
  • Announce move from Leadership Team via internal communications (email, newsletter, presentation, video, etc) and plan communication to  employees directly
  • Determine when and how you will communicate with your external partners, vendors, clients and customers.
  • FoneLogix Pro Tip: Ensure you have checked all of your vendor contracts and agreements before you announce your move. It is important you know any obligations you may have before doing so.
  • Check out this Communications Plan template to keep you organized and on track with your communications plan.

Confirm and prepare budget and purchasing process

  • Using the budget you created in the previous step, it is now time to confirm the line items and make any adjustments necessary.
  • Start contacting external vendors to confirm dates for services rendered.
  • Determine if you will need to buy new equipment or products for your new office and begin planning the purchasing process with each vendor
  • FoneLogix Pro Tip: Have each Committee Member/Department Manager make a list of what they will need and by when in order to meet the move deadline date

Create a workflow strategy for Leaders & Colleagues

  • It’s vital to understand how an office move will impact the workflow of all teams and colleagues
  •  Department Leads should determine desired working expectations during the transition 
  • Once the Moving Committee has determined a move date, work backwards with a timeline that will support the working environment while not disrupting the workflow from your company to internal and external partners, clients and customers.

Think outside the box and reach for the cloud.

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