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VOIP Phone Systems

Our flagship product, VOIP Phone Systems, is built so that you can customize your communications needs by adding specific cloud-communications products and services to your phone systems whenever and wherever you need them. 


All of our products are centered around the cloud-based phone system, so it is important to find the best system that works for you.

To learn more, check out the FoneLogix Features Overview brochure in our Knowledge Base, here.

The FoneLogix Menu of Products

Customize your Solution

AT&T Fiber Internet

That's right. Since we know how important your internet service is to creating your perfect cloud-based solution, you can purchase AT&T Fiber through us, and never have to deal with a provider directly.​

Business Text Messaging

Our newest and most innovative product we offer is Business Text Messaging. This allows your company to communicate with your customers through SMS using your business phone number.

Internet Failover Security

Our Internet Failover Device is essentially 'insurance' for your cloud-based solution. The device will protect your business by offering an automatic backup when your internet service is disrupted.​

Microsoft Teams

Through our partnership with Microsoft, we can set your team up for success with Microsoft Teams which offers the latest Collaboration methods in today's mobile and remote environment.

Unified Communications (UC) Client

Traditionally, our competitors will offer this service with an upcharge. But at FoneLogix, we want you to run your business with ease and confidence which is why our VoIP service includes this flexibility at no extra charge.

Interactive Voice Response

Our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) product is perfect for a call center of any size. We support call centers from 2-500+ employees using an array of our products.

API integration

Want to connect our services to your current workflow solutions? No problem. We have the full capability of integrating with your current collaboration tools, like Slack, Microsoft Team or HubSpot.

Managed Services

Don't have the manpower or time to deal with internal IT support? With our managed services, your network, data and hardware infrastructure will be monitored, backed up and 100% supported by our team.


Our SD-WAN solution is built for organizations that need high-quality cloud-hosted voice capabilities. SD-WAN is especially beneficial for companies who have remote workers, several locations or branches, and workflows that require employees to rely on multiple network types or distributed networks.

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